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Cultivating Excellence in Telecommunications: Omoana's Distinctive BPO Offerings




"Partnering with Omoana freed us from back-office tasks, letting us focus on innovation. They're not just a service; they're a game-changer."

Jane M

CEO, TechForward Inc.

"With Omoana, we found reliability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Our operations are now streamlined and customer satisfaction is up."

Liam P

Operations Director, RetailHub Enterprises

"Outsourcing with Omoana was seamless. Their proactive team feels like an extension of ours, always innovating."

Priya K

CFO, HealthWell Solutions


Team Members

Monalisa Doluy

Founder and CEO

Excellence is not a destination, it’s a continuous journey guided by the vision and determination of leaders

Kajal Tiwari

Business development

Unlocking opportunities, forging connections and fueling growth.

Sagar Patel

Co- founder and COO

Steering the ship through the storm of opportunity

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